Google Search Results Spam

May 19th, 2012 by net cash No comments »

google search results spam A few words on Google, search results and spam.

I will write this article based on real estate keywords such as “homes for sale”, “real estate” and “mls listings”. I am sure the search results hold for any keyword term.

So do a Google search for any Geo location like Boston + the keyword “homes for sale” and the first 5 non adword results are for lead harvesters like Trulia, Realtor, Zillow, Boston dot com etc. Different Geo locations will yield similar results including Homes dot com and mls online.

Not a single result in the first five and mostly on the first page are actually from a person or company actually involved in the business of selling homes, yet big G feels comfortable in serving these results up to its valued customers.

To add insult to injury to the actual real estate agents and brokers who make a living listing and selling homes are being doubly duped by the MLS System which they are members of.

The MLS Systems which actual real estate professionals are paying a membership fee to and on which they display their listings (real houses for sale) are actually selling  Trulia, mls online etc, access to their systems and allowing them to display their members listings on websites of non real estate professionals who are competing with them for business.

Trulia and the others exit solely to get leads and sell them to real estate agents.

Trulia and the others are running websites that display only duplicate content which is copied word for word from the MLS system.

So we have a scenario where large corporate websites displaying only duplicate content and not offering a service related to the search term are appearing top of Google search results, this in any mans language is SPAM.

I ask this simple question of Google: “How can a website that contains only duplicate content appear top of their search results for the term “homes for sale” when they are not even remotely involved in the business of selling homes.

The actual real estate agent websites that do actually have homes for sale are relegated to the latter result pages so that large corporate enterprises engaged only in the business of selling leads can have first page billing.

Shame on Google, who talks of a war on spam while serving up the very dish themselves. The word hypocritical comes to mind